Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seeking Free Insurance Quotes? Maybe you should make Customer Service one of your priorities.

J.D. Power and associates has ranked Amica as highest overall for Customer Satisfaction. This is the sixth year in a row that Amica has won the top spot.

The survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates included over 21000 responses from policyholders between April and May. The highest possible score was 1000. Amica achieved a score of 827. The survey included 26 automobile insurance companies. The average score was 784, up 6 points from last year.

Here are the complete rankings:

State Farm
American Family
The Hartford
Liberty Mutual
21st Century
*USAA - Actually scored higher than all the above, but not included in final results as they only provide insurance for military personnel.

Fake Car Insurance Cards Are On the Rise

With hard economic times settling across America, there are more reported incidents of fake car insurance cards.

Car insurance companies give their policy holders cards proving they have valid insurance. Drivers are required to keep these cards in their car at all times and show them to police officers upon request.

However, with many people facing touch financial times, some are choosing to buy fake insurance cards and not get auto insurance coverage at all.

This practice has many dangers. For one, if a driver is caught with a fake card, they risk losing their registration, drivers license, and several fines. Also, if they are involved in a real accident, a fake card will not do them any good. The one at fault may be destroyed financially if they're responsible and don't have proper insurance.

Even though some drivers deliberately seek out fake cards, many are scammed into purchasing cards. There have been several reports of unknowing victims purchasing fake cards for hundreds of dollars from scam artists posing as insurance agents.

The best way to avoid this scam is to always buy from a registered insurer.

Automobile Insurance Premiums Up Though Driving is Down

A heavy factor in deciding your auto insurance premium is the frequency of travel for all drivers in your state. Basically, the more people drive in any given area, the more chances for accidents and the higher the premium in that area.

With gas prices skyrocketing throughout the year and into the summer, motorists across America drove less. One would expect this to result in fewer accidents and lower premiums.

Unfortunately, that isn't the case. According to the Insurance Institute of America, several insurance companies are requesting increases from state governments. This increase will only reflect the maximum premium insurance companies are allowed to charge, not necessarily the amount drivers will actually pay.

Some states, like New York are being vigilant in making the insurance companies justify their increases. However, most states are taking a "wait and see" approach."

The insurance companies justify the increases because of rising repair and medical costs. As gasoline prices rise, so do rubber, paint, and steel costs, ultimately leading to higher gas prices and even higher medical costs.

Historically, insurance premiums have remained level or declined slightly over the past few years.

Get the Most Out of Your Auto Insurance has an article explaining how many people fail to optimize their insurance coverage. Very often, drivers will choose the cheapest automobile insurance quote they can get without making sure they have enough coverage.

The article offers several options and suggestions on how to get the most of your insurance policy. Some of the suggestions are getting uninsured drivers coverage, paying higher deductibles, and paying for a higher liability limit.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Understanding Your Cheap Car Insurance Policies

The Gonzalez Insurance Agency urges drivers to fully understand their insurance policy. If the policy holder does not understand some of the terms, then they should speak with their insurance provider and ask them to explain in detail.

The article also stresses how some states have limits on how much coverage an insurance company has to provide. This means a person could be stuck paying for any damage that goes beyond that limited coverage. The answer to this dilemma is to request insurance with a higher limit. Sometimes the price is actually very economical and worth the protection.

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Seniors! Insurance quotes are easy to come by. Good advice is not....

Insurance Lawyer Frank Darras gives tips and suggestions for aging adults who still love to drive. In addition to taking care of their health, Darras suggests elderly drivers enlist the help of family members and friends to help when driving becomes difficult.

Here's the entire article.