Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fake Car Insurance Cards Are On the Rise

With hard economic times settling across America, there are more reported incidents of fake car insurance cards.

Car insurance companies give their policy holders cards proving they have valid insurance. Drivers are required to keep these cards in their car at all times and show them to police officers upon request.

However, with many people facing touch financial times, some are choosing to buy fake insurance cards and not get auto insurance coverage at all.

This practice has many dangers. For one, if a driver is caught with a fake card, they risk losing their registration, drivers license, and several fines. Also, if they are involved in a real accident, a fake card will not do them any good. The one at fault may be destroyed financially if they're responsible and don't have proper insurance.

Even though some drivers deliberately seek out fake cards, many are scammed into purchasing cards. There have been several reports of unknowing victims purchasing fake cards for hundreds of dollars from scam artists posing as insurance agents.

The best way to avoid this scam is to always buy from a registered insurer.

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